Flames First Shift (LINK)

The Flames First Shift program is designed for families new to hockey with children aged 6 to 10 who have yet to be previously registered in minor hockey. This initiative, a collaborative effort by the NHL and NHLPA, focuses on increasing accessibility and affordability to the sport.

For a registration fee of $299, participants receive a comprehensive package that includes a full set of Bauer hockey equipment and six one-hour on-ice sessions. As an added bonus, the program features visits from Calgary Flames Alumni. This program is structured to provide a practical entry point to hockey for newcomers, all within a reasonable budget.

Flames Try Hockey

Introducing the Calgary Flames Try Hockey Program—a recently launched initiative inspired by the success of the Flames First Shift Program. This new program, funded by the Calgary Flames Foundation, is designed to reduce costs and enhance accessibility for those new to the game of hockey.

Designed specifically for families new to hockey, this program entails a 6-week series of one-hour on-ice sessions, providing an introductory experience to the sport. With the backing of the Calgary Flames Foundation, the aim is to make hockey more accessible and budget-friendly for newcomers.

Jr. Flames Program

Transitioning from the Flames First Shift or Try Hockey programs, the Jr. Flames program is the next exciting step for kids honing their hockey skills. Supported by the Flames Foundation and Calgary Flames Alumni, this program consists of eight on-ice sessions. The first two sessions blend practice and game play, followed by six formal games with referees.

For a registration fee of $139+GST, participants enjoy exclusive Saturday or Sunday morning sessions, complete with custom jerseys, a commemorative puck, and special guest coaches from the Calgary Flames Alumni. As an added bonus, every participant receives a $100 credit towards their registration in a full-time Hockey Calgary program for the following season.

Flames Community House League (LINK)

For young players looking to take the next step in their hockey journey, the Flames Community Hockey League is a regionally based recreational option for youth to participate in hockey. Participants will play twice a week on the same days every week with no fundraising commitments, no tournaments, and limited travel that is often expected in minor hockey.

The goal of the Flames Community House League is to provide players with the opportunity to play organized hockey that is affordable, fun, and safe. The program also provides players who have limited skills and knowledge of the game with an introduction to the sport in a less intimidating format.

Flames EvenStrength (LINK)

Recognizing the financial challenges associated with hockey, the Flames EvenStrength program, established in 1998, is dedicated to breaking down barriers. Geared towards children facing financial constraints, this program provides financial assistance for Hockey Calgary minor hockey registration fees. By doing so, the program ensures that every child, regardless of financial circumstances, can continue to embrace the joy of playing hockey.

Flames Sports Bank ‘How To’ Videos

So, you now have a full set of hockey gear, but unsure of where to start when it comes to getting dressed? Don’t worry, our partners at KidSport Calgary and the Flames Sports Bank have you covered! Check out the following videos on how to get yourself prepared and ready to hit the ice!

How to get dressed:

How to tape your blade:

How to tape your knob:

U9 boards training:


The Calgary Flames Foundation has several annual commitments in support of Education, Health and Wellness, and Grassroots Sports. This year the Calgary Flames Foundation distributed over $4 million to annual projects and southern Alberta charities in need.


The Calgary Flames Foundation mission is to support initiatives that bring positive change to the lives of Southern Albertans. The Flames Foundation is committed to supporting education, health and wellness, and grassroots sports.