In May the Calgary Flames Foundation announced a significant donation to five recreational spaces in Calgary in partnership with the Parks Foundation Calgary.  $400,000 was directed to the Parks Foundation to support three bicycle pump tracks and two community revitalization projects. This donation to five much needed and highly utilized recreational spaces in Calgary communities, will serve people of all ages in both vulnerable and highly utilized spaces; creating a place to play for all. The announcement being made on August 16th is the groundbreaking media event for the George Moss Park Revitalization Project in Ogden.

Today, Parks Foundation is celebrating the official groundbreaking of the George Moss Park redevelopment. In partnership with the Youth Centres of Calgary (YCC) and the Green Line LRT Project, the redeveloped park will be a safe and fun gathering place for youth and community members.

Located in Ogden across the street from YCC, the redevelopment will bring welcome updates to a historically underserved community and will provide safe, accessible and free sport amenities for youth in the area. Proposed park features include an artistic basketball court, open seating area, a community plaza, tot lot playground and plenty of green space to connect with fellow community members.

Says Sheila Taylor, Parks Foundation CEO, “We are dedicated to ensuring everyone in our city has green spaces for sport, to play and to gather together. The George Moss Park redevelopment provides Ogden and the surrounding area with an accessible space to enhance the vibrancy of the community.”

The redevelopment has been identified as part of The City of Calgary’s commitment to support the creation of outdoor spaces along the Green Line through the Green Line public space initiative. The George Moss Park redevelopment is a community-driven project that is located just 200 metres away from a future Green Line station. The Green Line public space initiative will support the enhancement of community spaces and bring new amenities to the many nearby communities for families, youths and commuters to enjoy.

“The revitalization of George Moss Park is a significant step towards creating inclusive and vibrant public spaces in Calgary along the Green Line. As the first of six outdoor community spaces along the Green Line, this project will contribute to the well-being of our city’s youth and foster a strong sense of community. The City is proud to participate in this collaboration and looks forward to the positive change it will bring,” said Calgary City Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra.

“All Calgary kids, no matter where they grow up, deserve to have access to fun and safe outdoor parks,” said Jane Wachowich, Executive Director of the Youth Centres of Calgary (YCC). “It’s a simple and effective way of giving them all opportunity to “be kids”, a further levelling of the playing field in sport and in their lives. This play area is a wonderful gift to the amazing and talented kids living in our great community of Ogden.”

The George Moss Park Redevelopment was made possible through a partnership between Parks Foundation The City of Calgary, Green Line LRT, the Government of Alberta, community members and generous donors, including the Calgary Foundation, Calgary Flames Foundation, Thornhill Child Care and the Sofina Foundation.