The Calgary Flames Foundation have announce a significant donation to five recreational spaces in Calgary in partnership with the Parks Foundation Calgary. $400,000 will be directed to the Parks Foundation to support three bicycle pump tracks and two community revitalization projects. This donation to five much needed and highly utilized recreational spaces in Calgary communities, will serve people of all ages in both vulnerable and highly utilized spaces; creating a place to play for all.

Pump Tracks Projects
1. South Glenmore Park
2. West Confederation Park
3. Marda Loop

Park and Sport Court Spaces
1. Ogden – George Moss Park Revitalization
2. Forest Lawn Park Revitalization

“The Calgary Flames Foundation aspires to help build strong and healthy communities,” said Jeff McCaig, Chair of the Calgary Flames Foundation. “We continue to invest in opportunities that promote health and recreational opportunities in southern Alberta and these spaces will provide that and so much more to Calgarians living in these communities.”

Bicycle Pump Tracks
Pump tracks are used by thousands of people per year, the most active space located in South Glenmore Park, with between 1,000 to 1,500 users per day in the summer months. Calgary has the most competition level pump tracks of any city in Canada and is gaining a reputation for the sport. Pump tracks are in high demand and are one of the most requested amenities in Calgary communities. Funding directed to these three pump track projects will support the opening and maintenance of all three highly used community assets. The Calgary Flames Foundation also helped to open the Parks Foundation pump track located in Inglewood in August 2022. The City of Calgary electronic pathway usage counters report an average of 18,000 cyclists per month during the summer.

George Moss Revitalization Project – Ogden Park Space
George Moss Revitalization Project is an undertaking to improve community spaces in the SE community of Ogden. In partnership with the Youth Centres of Calgary (YCC) and Parks Foundation Calgary, this new space will include a flooded ice surface, two sport courts, a playground and seating areas. The average household income in Ogden is 30% lower than the average household income in Calgary and 23% of Ogden youth live in poverty. The new park will play a significant role in enhancing quality of life for Ogden residents—arguably more so than in other communities where residents can financially facilitate extra-curricular activities, healthier lifestyles, and social belonging.

Forest Lawn Park Revitalization Project
The Parks Foundation has been working with the Forest Lawn Community Association since 2021 to develop a park space beside the community centre. Forest Lawn is a low-income area, with a median income 40% less than the Calgary average. The proposed design, which has been developed with members of the local community, will feature a sport court, ping-pong table, rubber-surface play areas, seating and picnic tables, a programmable community gathering area and more. The central vision for this park is that it becomes a space for residents to connect, play, and celebrate the rich diversity found in Forest Lawn as well as nearby communities including Southview, Forest Heights, Penbrooke Meadows, Radisson Heights, and Marlborough.

“We are seeing a huge demand for outdoor recreation spaces right now,” said Sheila Taylor, CEO of the Parks Foundation, Calgary. “The spaces provide opportunities for people of all ages to play, get healthy and feel included in their communities. We really appreciate the support of the Calgary Flames Foundation who are investing in bringing these projects to life for Calgarians.”

The Calgary Flames Foundation is prioritizing projects that promote the health of youth and families, remove barriers to participation in sports and recreation opportunities and facilitate opportunities for spontaneous and unstructured play. This can be seen in the work done through the CSEC Inclusion Program, longstanding programs, and partnerships with KidSport Calgary, HEROS and the Alberta Children’s Hospital and most recently an increased presence and commitment to park, playground and rink spaces in partnership with the Parks Foundation.

The Calgary Flames Foundation strives to improve the lives of southern Albertans through support of health and wellness, education, and grassroots sports. Since inception the Calgary Flames Foundation has donated over $55 million to southern Alberta charities.