The Calgary Flames Foundation and Parks Foundation Calgary are teaming up to provide funding to Calgary outdoor rinks and playgrounds. The Calgary Flames Foundation has donated $100,000 to be put towards these play projects through the Parks Foundation Calgary.

The Calgary Flames Foundation has been renovating and refurbishing outdoor rinks for over 10 years in Calgary and southern Alberta. Recent projects include the outdoor rinks in the communities of Dover, Ramsay, Queensland, Whitehorn, Parkdale and Cranston as well as in DeWinton and Fernie.  In the past the Calgary Hitmen Foundation has invested in playground and outdoor rinks as well through the Hitmen Community Restoration Program with the most recent contributions being made to the Millarville Sports Association outdoor rink and Eugene Coste School playground.

“The Calgary Flames Foundation is excited for a new chapter of this program by working with Parks Foundation Calgary,” says Candice Goudie, Executive Director of the Calgary Flames Foundation. “Parks Foundation Calgary works diligently to create safe and vibrant play spaces for our City and we are excited to work together with them on creating these spaces for families to play sports, and just play. These are special spaces for people of all ages and make our community a better place to live, work and play.”

“We are thankful to the Calgary Flames Foundation for their generous support. Through our existing programs, the Parks Foundation has been supporting Calgary communities and sport organizations for decades to ensure we all have cherished places to play and build community,” says Sheila Taylor, CEO of the Parks Foundation. “This new partnership will allow us to increase the support needed by so many community and sport groups. Park and sport development is vital to the creation of healthy cities.”

These funds will be distributed by the Parks Foundation through the creation of new funding streams within their existing grant programs. Non-profit organizations are welcome to apply up to October 15th for these new funds to be distributed to the refurbishment of outdoor rinks and playgrounds in Calgary. Groups who need funding for outdoor rink projects should visit the Parks Foundation’s Amateur Sport Grant program page for more information.

Groups looking for funding for a playground projects should visit the Parks Foundation’s Building Communities Grant program page for more information.

Earlier this month the Calgary Flames Foundation and Parks Foundation Calgary also announced the Calgary Flames Support for Sport Program. A $200,000 contribution from the Calgary Flames Foundation that will provide 50% in matching donations to sports teams and associations fundraising. Applications for this program are open until October 15th, 2020.